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So I bought a hat

 Amongst other things.

Basically I went into Denton centre for a nosey, some shops have gone and some have appeared, I didn't realise how warm it actually was so ended up stopping by the large Tesco and buying a vest top, shorts, sandals (cute ones too, for a fiver) and then I carried on. But I realised something, unless I wear contact lenses I can't see in the summer, it's far too bright. So I stopped by New Look and bought a hat, it's a cowboy style hat and weirdly enough really suits me.
This should stop me constantly squinting whenever it's vaguely sunny, there really is nothing worse than the headache you get because you've spent all day squinting and can't see a damn thing.

I also remembered to pick up a new purse, my old one was crap from the beginning and I couldn't even hold money in their any more, it was more a place to stick my debit card. 

Boots is now selling Barry M make-up, I got myself a nail polish it's lovely and so far no chipping. Men, your girlfriend's like wearing make-up, buy them Barry M (any colours will do) the eye liners can be put on in the morning and are still visible at night, the nail polishes don't chip, trust me you'll earn some major brownie points by buying her something. (Unless she has threatened your life if you ever buy her Barry M...can't see why though, the stuff is great).

Rang my dad this morning, he's giving me £50 for my birthday, I'm going to buy a portable hard drive for my laptop. I can't wait now. Yes I know that's pretty geeky.

Anyway, I'm cooking tonight.

Later Days

Oh hallo

 Not sure how much of an update this will be. So here goes.

I am back home for the summer. My bed linen is changed (the cats...all four of them...managed to sleep on my bed at some point covering it in fur and miscellaneous foliage) my TV is on top of my book case (the one that's about six foot) my DVD player and Playstation 2 are set up and I'm 28% of the way through Final Fantasy X-2.  Tomorrow I plan to put away my clothing and books and that should be me set up in 2 days...instead of last years...two months (sue me I'm lazy).

On the 22nd I'm back in Liverpool for a few hours, I'm seeing a specialist at the ear, nose and throat department of the Royal so he can tell me that yes, there is a hole in my ear drum, and maybe why it's there (I'd like to mention, AGAIN...second time this ear drum has burst) and whether they will fix it, I hope yes as I'm definitely struggling to hear more than usual which is inconvenient. Of course to fix it means an operation, its only a minor op but still, who honestly can say they look forward to operations?  For those interested...all none of you :D...the operation is the myringoplasty, this basically involves taking a small piece of skin (usually from around the outside of the ear) and grafting it onto the ear drum with an adhesive substance. The last time I had this operation I was 9 and if the doctors at Student Health hadn't ignored my ear infection (seriously, the area was red, what does that mean to some people) chances are this wouldn't be happening...if I were a petty person I'd sue...hell I'd probably win too, I have a history of ear problems and they ignore the warning signs...fff. I should at least have been given some antibiotics for the redness, I could tell Dr Darcey was annoyed with the other doctor I saw for ignoring this as well, the results speak for themselves.
I don't know if I'm angry or not, my ears have meant I've spent way too much time in the ear, nose and throat department of Burnley General Hospital, I'm used to them being broken...I just thought I wouldn't have to have another operation. I guess I'm nervous of what they will say and a little bit scared too but that's just me being a chicken...I'll be brave I promise.

After that I can relax in Cornwall with Callum for a week and spend another week at his house in Binfield before travelling back to Manchester on the 8th. 

My birthday is on the 26th, not sure what I'll be doing, I'm hoping to go to Monkey Forest in Staffordshire, other than that I doubt I'll be doing much of anything...I'm torn between thinking "Oh come on I'm 25, I should celebrate some way" and thinking "meh, who fucking cares" I'll make up my mind closer to the time.

One the 2nd of August I start Jury Duty, I'm hoping for a grisly murder to keep me entertained...or at the very least not being made to wait 8 hours every day for two weeks for nothing to happen. 

11th of September is two things, Andrew's birthday and Cal and I have been invited to his birthday bash, we have to leave early unfortunately because we're seeing Muse...I'm sure that will be fun even if I'm not a huge fan (I enjoy their music but a lot of it sounds alike to me). 

I'm sure something else will happen in between...who knows...I'll fill you in when and if it happens.

Later days

Oh noes!

 Is your cat plotting to kill you?

I knew it.

I still think its relevant

 I study ancient history, I study it because I find it interesting and you'd be surprised at how little humanity has learned. Democracy started in Athens over 2500 years ago, politics and sciences, maths, religion, they haven't changed much in 2500 years. Part of studying my course is to see just how little we have changed, we still vote in leaders and propaganda was not invented in world war 2. Studying the plays can give us a great insight into the history as well, if we don't know where we are from we can't know who we are now. 
Imagine if we just stopped studying ancient history, if we just forgot it all...how far would we get back before we didn't have a clue what happened and why we are around today? Would that really be okay? Would it really be okay to just ignore thousands of years of history because your granny wasn't there? 
I'd say it isn't, I don't enjoy modern history I'll admit that, but I see the relevance. 
Throughout uni I've had to justify my degree so many times its unbelievable, I hate having to justify my existence at this university, I worked hard to be here and I love my course, its interesting and I find out so many things that pertain to modern culture, its amazing how much is still relevant. 

I don't want to live in a world where we ignore thousands of years of history because we can't see how relevant it is. The fact we have museums and societies dedicated to discovering what it all means shows that there is still relevance in ancient history.

Wars still happen, this is not a modern concept, political assassinations still happen, you can compare the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr with that of Julius Caesar, two men who were trying to change the world they lived in and were killed because of it. 
Religion is still very much the same if we consider Christ walked the earth 2000 years ago, that's ancient history and yet his teachings are still relevant today. If we begin to ignore ancient history we might as well burn every religious text and artefact along with it, modern day Christians take their teachings from a man who spoke a very long time ago, so clearly what he said and did has relevance.

Anyway I have an exam...Trade in the Mediterranean. I should get back to revision.

Later days.

Like a sexy Jessica Fletcher

There is something about the combination of humour and crime that has me adoring the series Castle staring Nathon Fillion, its brilliant, I adore it, and no this is not an “OMG its Nathan Fillion of Firefly, it must be good because it’s him” thing, he’s a genuinely good actor, until I watched the first episode I hadn’t even realised who was the main character. I’m shit like that.

For people who haven’t a) seen the show or b) heard me waffle on about the show, Castle is a crime drama/comedy about Rick Castle, a successful crime writer who finds himself uninspired and bored with life. When three of his novels are used as inspirations behind murders he finds himself called in to help the police with their investigations. Meeting Detective Kate Beckett he helps the police solve the crime and finds inspiration for his next set of novels. This sets the series up for the reason why he is now tagging along with the police. His measure of expertise (the story behind the crime) helps them solve some pretty gruesome murders and he does it in a way that makes me almost wet myself laughing on a regular basis.

The show has a mixture of drama, sarcasm, light hearted comedy and some heart warming moments between Castle/Beckett and Castle/Alexis (his daughter), the characters are well rounded, funny and genuine.

Thankfully the show was optioned for a third series proving that America hasn’t entirely lost its touch for good TV...wait for it...nope it’s still here...whew! 

This show makes me want to do three things.

1)      Solve crime...I want to be a police detective (you know, if my health wouldn’t make them turn me away with a derisive laugh)

2)      I want to be a crime writer...that would be awesome...who can I kill?

3)      Or I could be a crime writer who solves crimes. Like a sexy Jessica Fletcher.

I could totally be a sexy Jessica Fletcher.

I really should be revising but my brain is on strike...honestly I think its been on strike since before easter now...now I don’t know how the hell I got decent grades but I honestly think my brain has been out for the count for a while now.

 Tomorrow a crazy psycho removes blood from my body for kicks and giggles...you know, or its a blood test.


Later days.


Dude, my arm just fell off.

So I went to the doctors on Monday. Turns out I have a burst ear drum...again. This is the same ear I had an operation on to fix a burst ear drum when I was nine. I have an appointment with the ear, nose and throat department in June and will probably have to have a second operation to fix my ear drum.
Also, I have blood in my urine, the doctor seemed confused and a little concerned by this...this does not make me feel particularly confident.
On top of that, my ovarian cysts have been hurting (I asked the doctor if this was causing the blood, she said unlikely) and the past two evenings I've been feeling dizzy and sick.

So my theory is...I'm falling apart.

I don't feel prepared for exams because illness stops me being able to work in the evenings. I'm working as hard as I can but I don't feel confident. :(

If I don't update before exams. Good luck to everyone with exams, I'm 100% confident everyone can pass with flying colours. Especially you...you know who you are.

Later days.

Essay, essay, essay (Cue maracas)

I'm waiting for the guy from the Orange shop to call me about my phone. I want the Sony Ericsson  W995 in Red, they had it in black so he's gonna call around all the shops in the area today and see if he can get one for me...I'm waiting for him to contact me. If I haven't heard anything by midday I'll give them a call. It's vain I know, but I really like it in red, I'll accept it in black if I have to because its a good phone but still...red!

I have short shorts...they're very short shorts...if the weather doesn't warm up I'll never get to wear them ¬_¬

Now, onto essay!

A joke is only funny when everybody laughs.

Its dealt with, end of. Thanks :)

So sorry for being Northern JK Rowling :P

Cal and I were talking about the Harry Potter series and I asked the question, were any of the wizards from the North of England? Harry, Hermione and Ron are all from the south, Draco is from Wiltshire *rolls eyes* Luna and Cedric Diggory come from the same inbred village of wizards not far from where the Weasley clan live...you see what I mean? So I looked into it a bit.

Two wizards stem from the north.

Voldemort and the Gaunt family who are relatons of Salazar Slytherin (who was from Norfolk apparently ¬_¬), this of course links because Riddle and Gaunt = Old Voldiedork.

So there we have it, JK Rowling places only the evil wizards in the north of England.

And now back to my work.

Later days.

Writer's Block: Cinqo de Mayo

Do you celebrate your country's independence? If so, how?

Many countries celebrate their independence from MY country...